10 questions to our doctor Lina Socevičienė

You, our patients, are the most important people in the clinic. However there is always another side hwo takes care of your vision, so please meet one of our doctors, who makes sure that you have a great visit and receive professional help – ophthalmologist Lina Socevičienė is for your attention. Below you can find her 10 answers about the work, professional curiosities, and interests.

  1. How long have you been treating the eyes?
    I have been working as an ophthalmologist for seventeen years.
  2. What kind of education do you have?
    I am a graduate of Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine and I have completed a residency in ophthalmology at Vilnius University Hospital.
  3. Which area of ophthalmological diseases is the most interesting and necessary for you at the moment?
    Currently, I am most interested in the anterior segment of the eyeball, i.e. corneal diseases, such as cataract, refractive error, etc.
  4. Why did you choose a private clinic? Public health centers provide the same services, don’t they?
    State agencies offer many ophthalmological services. However, not all the services that we can offer at our private clinic, the patients can receive in a state institution. Possibility to work independently and opportunity to choose was very important to me in making this decision.
  5. What is your opinion about traditional Eastern medicine?
    I belong to and support the school of evidence-based medicine. However, I recognize that people have the right to choose what kind of medicine they should believe and what kind of treatment they should choose.
  6. What was the toughest challenge of your career (a complex operation, business development, etc.)?
    Probably the most challenging moment in my career occurred twelve years ago when I decided to leave the University Hospital and started working in a private practice. At that time – twelve years ago – private clinics were still a novelty in Lithuania.
  7. How do you spend your leisure time?
    I travel with my family. We practice various trips – short ones by bike or car, longer ones – by plane.
  8. Why some people have eyes of different colors?
    Two eyes are two separate bodies. The symmetry of the human body is never perfect. Sometimes, the differences become very apparent. So, we have a person with the eyes of different colors.
  9. When a cold wind blows eyes start watering? Could you explain why?
    Eyes are very sensitive body parts and they require great care. Cold wind activates a defensive response to unfavorable environmental conditions and that is why eyes start watering.
  10. What is barley and which treatment is the most effective in this case?
    If it is really a barley, dry, warm compresses and antibiotic drops or ointment always help. However, the best decision is to see a doctor. He/she will determine the right diagnosis and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

If you found yourself in the need of professional help of an eye doctor, ophthalmologist Lina Socevičienė who has medical experience of 17 years will answer to all of your questions about eye care and eye diseases. Our doctors are always ready to assist you.