Eye Clinic Network: Development in Scandinavia in the Face of a Pandemic

In mid-March this year, the Lirema Eye Clinic Network opened the doors of a twice-larger clinic in Stockholm, Sweden. Maintaining rapid growth, acquiring the latest equipment, and constantly investing in employees ensures that only the highest quality services are provided to patients in clinics both in Lithuania and Scandinavia.

“The pandemic has forced many private businesses in the world to rewrite the rules, some to quickly develop a new strategy and reorient, others to close the doors. We are glad to have used this situation productively – not only by expanding the premises and being able to accept more patients but also by increasing the number of new jobs,” says Mindaugas Socevičius, Director of the Lirema Clinics Network.

According to the director, the constant presence of short-range activities during quarantine has significantly increased the flow of patients with impaired vision and increased the need for laser vision correction.

“We not only took care of existing patients, but we also received a big wave of newly registered patients. The need for services was naturally shaped by the situation in the world, as well as by qualified specialists of our network of clinics who contribute to the successful development and are well acquainted with their field of work and specifics,” M. Socevičius claims.

Last year, “Lirema” generated almost 10 million in revenue, the rapidly expanding network of eye surgery services plans to continue the growth. In addition, by cooperating with world-renowned leading laser manufacturers, regular participation in global ophthalmology conferences and workshops gives us an advantage in the market.

“With as many as 11 of the most trusted manufacturers’ laser fleet and the latest technology on the market, we can offer patients all the most popular and safest laser vision correction methods,” says the network director.

Currently, the entire eye surgery network employs 137 people, and one of the company’s goals is to attract even more motivated talent.

“Growing by about 20% every year and having a professional team willing to share knowledge and experience, we can offer opportunities and all the conditions to join and improve young, ambitious doctors and medical professionals,” concludes M. Socevičius.

In 2015 Lirema Eye Clinic started its operations in Stockholm, in 2018 in Malmö, in 2019 in May in Copenhagen, and in the autumn of the same year, it opened a clinic in Gothenburg. The network of clinics has been awarded the Gazelė, Rekvizitai.lt awards as one of the most successful, reliable, economically stable and responsible in Lithuania. 2020 Lirema also received the Strongest in Lithuania – a business reliability certificate recognised in all of the Baltic countries, proving the company’s high credit rating and confirming the company’s contribution to creating a transparent future for the Lithuanian economy.